A timber beam does two things – it’s a structural member that has a set of design values attached to it and secondly, has varying aesthetic features depending on the source material.

What is a Glulam beam?

Glulam, short for glued laminated timber, is an engineered wood product manufactured by gluing together pieces of timber, known as laminates. This process produces larger size and longer length members, which can be curved, cambered or straight.

How are Glulam beams constructed?

Long finger-jointed lengths are graded individually, with bottom laminations being the strongest timbers which can be made in lengths up to 18 meters.

What are the benefits of Glulam?

  • It’s a locally available and sustainable product
  • The appearance creates warmth and ambience
  • Glulam can be made into various shapes and sizes, curves & moulding
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio (1.5 – 2 times that of steel)
  • Glulam’s durability allows for internal & external structures (Class 1 to 3)
  • Glulam behaves extremely well in fires with engineers allowing for 1 hour burn time. The structure is designed to remain stable with only 30% of the timber fibre being charred.
  • Glulam can be made with a 600-meter camber to allow for deflection under load. This also restricts sagging in the member.

GL10 White Cypress Glulam

Durable “Class 1” timber that looks stunning


GL13 Radiata Pine Glulam

For ease of use and consistent colour with sound structural properties.

GL18 Vic Ash Hardwood Glulam

Strong, stable and visually appealing.

GL18 Mixed Species Hardwood Glulam

Strong and dense with diverse and rich colouring

GL21 Spotted Gum Glulam

GL21 Spotted Gum is a premier laminated beam