At Vicbeam we love to work with architects, builders and engineers to create high quality timber engineered beams for their projects. Experts in the building and construction industry recommend us as the high-end quality timber and glulam specialist.

We supply Glulam to wholesalers & major retailers for the domestic and commercial markets.  At times we are called upon to provide uniquely designed laminated beams such as complex curves and fabricated components as requested by builders and specified by architects and engineers.

What can we do for you?

Vicbeam has worked tirelessly to become an Australian leader in providing innovative excellence with accredited product to the highest standards. Our continual quality improvements are key to why our work has been part of several outstanding bespoke projects nationally including being featured on the TV programme Grand Designs.

Environmentally friendly

As awareness grows, we know that the market for aesthetic timber beams is going to increase. Unlike other non-timber structural members, glulam offers a store of carbon, this is sustainable timber use. Glulam specified projects can often contribute to 6-star energy rating builds. The life of the product includes being recyclable increasing its appeal to the most environmentally discerning mind.

Feel welcome to contact us, as we are ready to chat over coffee to find out more about your needs where we hope to create that beautiful timber look and feel.

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We help architects, builders, engineers and timber suppliers seeking high quality structural timber and glulam products.

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In 2003 we realised that suppliers were failing their customers, not taking on the harder projects in laminated timber beams – there was a niche ready to be filled.

Our Founder, Andrew Wallace had been erecting glulam structures internationally for over 30 years, including changing the tide of construction toward timber use in Hong Kong, which created his ‘can do’ attitude. Sons Joshua, Caleb and Tim Wallace, in combination with our unique staff, have created a strong family values business with that same ‘can do’ attitude.

Vicbeam customers are both clients and our staff, all of whom help us to make our business stronger and better everyday.

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Made completely from organic wood waste, VicBrix are an alternative source of renewable energy.