GL10 White Cypress Glulam

Durable “Class 1” timber that looks stunning


GL10 White Cypress Glulam is a highly durable Australian softwood timber. When laminated, these beams are ideal for exposed and internal applications such as timber fins, pergolas, columns and rafters.

In contrast to the creamy white sapwood, the heartwood of Australian White Cypress ranges in colour from light yellow through orange to light brown, with occasional dark brown streaks. The grain is generally straight with a very fine and even texture.

Numerous tight knots is a distinctive feature of White Cypress Glulam creating a rustic look with wide hue and colour variations.

With its highly distinctive odour, GL10 White Cypress Glulam has a natural durability (Class 1) with the heartwood being particularly resistant to termites and borers.

Vicbeams White Cypress Glulam is manufactured in Melbourne using material sourced from Australian Cypress plantations.

All Vicbeam White Cypress Glulam beams are finished to a superlative ‘A’ grade standard and appearance.

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