GL21 Spotted Gum Glulam

GL21 Spotted Gum is a premier laminated beam

GL21 Spotted Gum is a premier laminated glulam beam designed specifically for high load applications where aesthetic appearance is also vitally important. Architects and designers favour it where appearance matters.

Produced from a renewable resource of rich coloured and textured Queensland hardwoods. Glulam beams made from Spotted Gum are naturally durable and termite resistant.

As an engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam, GL21 Spotted Gum has a superb record for strength, durability and performance.

Engineers have found that it can substitute for steel in many applications where high loads are supported.

Exhibiting deep rich colours, the intrinsic characteristics offer wonderful architectural opportunities for creative designs and as a substitute for the coldness of steel, these glulam beams are a welcome return to natural aesthetics for sustainably oriented designers.

GL21 Spotted Gum glulam is supplied by Vicbeam in structural & select grades, just ask us for more information.

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