Vicbeam offer a full in house fabrication service. We love getting involved in projects and being able to send product out to site, ready to be installed.

Our talented fabrication team delight in tackling all kinds of projects. We put together intricate windows and desks, glulam beams that are ready for an amazing array of commercial and residential projects.

We are often called upon to provide solution for complicated projects , such as engineered connections between glue-laminated timbers or glulam to steel members.

Vicbeam will deliver to site beams that have been cut, drilled, slotted and bevelled, ready for installation. We are happy to take care of the fixings as well so that everything is ready to go when the beams arrive.

We coat the beams and then wrap them well for delivery. This protects the glulam beams when they get out to site in case they are out in the weather before the roof goes on.

The processes we provide in fabrication are a welcome relief of labour and time spent on site, just ask us if your architectural drawing, design or building plan could suit a fabrication process and we will help you determine the best solution.

No project is too big or too small!


Type of connections:


Connecting timber to concrete with steel plates. The steel can either be bolted on the outside or slotted internally to the glulam member.

RankinsRd_499 IMG_0255

Beam to beam:

Connecting timber to timber using steel brackets. The steel can either be bolted either side with brackets or slotted internally into the glulam members.

IMG_1343 connection

Timber can be joined together with completely hidden connection details

Photo 8-05-13 9 46 58 AM


Purpose made connections can be designed and made to join multiple beams together into complex arrangements.



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