Garage Bolted Trusses

Vicbeam design and construct

Vicbeam were contracted to design and construct a bolted truss roof comprising of two king post trusses, a truncated truss and a ridge beam with supporting rafters.

It was requested that the steel plates be rusted. Using corten steel and a special liquid formula, we sped up the rusting process over 5 days to achieve the desired look.

It is not often that Vicbeam do installations but this was an exception.


Truss Specifications:

Glulam: GL18S Vic Ash

Truss Span: 7.2m

Garage length: 8.0m

Top & Bottom Chord: 200 x 80 GL18S

Webs & Post: 200 x 80 GL18S

Hip Beams: 200 x 80 GL18S

Ridge Beam: 200 x 80 GL18S

Rafters: 200 x 80 GL18S

Coating: Cutek Extreme – Walnut Tint

Installation time: 8 hours

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Engineer: Tim Gibney and associates

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