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King Post Trusses

Open truss roofs can make a small room feel more spacious and offers greater flexibility to install various forms of lighting.

The King Post truss using either solid or laminated timber is a cost effective truss which provides a sharp focal point to any room. They can also be made with curved webs and chords.

Structurally the bottom chord acts as a tie beam for the room, restraining the outward thrust where roof meets the ceiling and walls.  The truss keeps the walls from spreading due to roof loads.

Truss Specifications:

Glulam: GL18S Vic Ash

Truss Span: 6.9m

Room length: 13.520m

Top & Bottom Chord: 300 x 85 GL18S

Webs & Post: 120 x 85 GL18S

Jack Rafter: 300 x 85 GL18S

Hip Rafter: 300 x 85 GL18S

King Post Truss weight: 330 kgs each

Coating: Intergrain

Installation time: 3.5 hours

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