Corporate Slide

Corporate frivolity – amazing office slide!

Once in a while, we are commissioned to make something unusual and this was a first for Vicbeam. This was an urgent job, to say the least, taking two weeks from start to finish in January 2016, plus two days’ freight to Brisbane.

This slide allows employees to zoom down from the management level to their workspace in seconds – quicker than taking the stairs.

People sliding down in suits is not something you’d expect – the timber had to be completely smooth. We provided the sides of the slide and a boat builder created the deck and assembled the slide in Queensland.

The slide was created using Victorian Ash Glulam and curved to a tight radius of 789mm & 1067mm. The slide is one story high and measures over 6 meters in length and each curved beam weighs 210 kilograms.

A lot of thought and preparation went into the manufacturing of the slide to ensure the straight section was straight and then to achieve the two differing radii’ for the top and bottom of the slide. To achieve the 2 radii’ and the straight section we had to alter our curve press specifically.

Vicbeam is the only company in Australia that was willing to take on the curve at the specified radius. The tighter the radius the thinner the laminations, so the detailed work to prevent blowouts was extensive.

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