Technical Info

Vicbeam is a member of the GLTAA

The GLTAA (Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia) is an industry body that holds high standards and has implented a code of practise and policing policy for glulam manufactures. For more information please click on the GLTAA logo.


Vicbeam conducts regular in house  fingerjoint and beam testing to ensure we are meeting the GLTAA standards as well as being audited regularly by an external auditor.


Vicbeam source material

Vicbeam are committed to using timber that comes from sustainable sources. We  source timber that has been kiln dried to between 12-16%  which reduces checks and splits caused by wet timber and ensures maximum stability in our end product



Vicbeam manufactures 2 appearance grades.

‘A’ Grade – All voids and defects filled and sanded providing a superlative visual product.

‘B’ Grade – Beams dressed back to size. Small knots and defects may be present but is still used for visual applications.

Beams come with an arised edge for handling ease.



Vicbeam’s beams come with the industry standard 600 metre radius unless specified as straight.


H3 LOSP Preservation Treatment

Glulam beams can be used successfully in weather exposed conditions. Excessive moisture within a wooden beam over an extended period of time causes decaying fungi growth.

Beams that are to be used in a moist environment or external beams that are subject to the elements should be H3 treated. Preservative is driven into the cellular structure of the wood to protect against fungal decay, termites and other insects.

For more information on glulam beams in exposed situations please download the GLTAA DATA SHEET 2 .

Glulam in fire situations

Glue Laminated timber beams gave been proven to have high fire resistance. For more information please see here & here.