Coating timber beams is essential to the longevity and aesthetics of a project.

Vicbeam often applies coatings to our glulam beams before they leave the factory. Architects and builders love this, because it’s a quicker and easier solution than on site and results in time and labour savings to the client.

We find that glulam beams can be out in the weather for a number of weeks before being covered. By applying a protective coat prior to delivery, the glulam beams are better protected from scuffs and inclement weather.

We have also found that as a cost saving measure on site, our pre-coated beams are often an essential component of an easy install system. We wrap the beams well so that they maintain their aesthetic appearance.

Instead of needing scaffolding, painting or welding, we can supply beams that only require a carpenter to install, saving you and your client time and money.

Vicbeam has experience with a number of coating systems: (Click on the photo’s below to be directed to the relevant website)

If you have a particular coating preference, we can explore that as well.









Synteko 1



Quantum 1


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