Bolted Roof Trusses

Bolted Trusses are visually appealing and can span large distances.

One of the initial projects Andrew Wallace became known for included a span of over 50 meters across a swimming pool at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Vicbeam can assist with the design, manufacture and assembly for any project involving bolted roof trusses. One stunning example is the Penrith Baptist Church (here).

This project required full technical drawings and a complete fabrication service, which meant the client received the laminated bolted trusses fully assembled and ready to install (pre-coated).

Co-Wyn Building Group, in collaboration with the engineer and our drafting team ensured that the heights and levels of ground, columns and trusses were absolutely precise prior to manufacture. Together we were able to identify and work through critical issues which resulted in a seamless and satisfying solution for all parties.

Vicbeam are able to design and fabricate LVL and solid timber trusses.

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