Gippsland Day Spa

Modern Wellness Retreat

Leigh Herbal director of Herbal Constructions contacted us to supply a laminated timber solution for a timber pergola façade, a focal point to the Brandy Creek Day Spa development.

The Gippsland Spa is a modern wellness building designed to house five treatment rooms and a Turkish hammam

The building is situated at the top of the Brandy Creek Estate property overlooking a peaceful valley and rolling vineyards, the building is a 70-meter-long rectangular stained timber structure, divided into three areas, connected by terraces and an external covered walkway.

Clad in black stained durable Cypress and H3 treated Radiata Pine glulam beams the building will remain a stunning and elegant design for many years to come.  Carr Design used the black glulam beams which were spaced at 1 meter centres to evoke the space between vines.

The simple statement in the landscape appears effortless: black cypress combined with black glulam beams. However, getting the perspectives as well as the amount of privacy required has made this simple design considerably more complex.

“The place should resonate with a sense of calm and tranquillity even if the process required considerable effort,” Chris McCue, Director of Carr Design.

Glulam has a high degree of dimensional stability because its manufactured from kilned dried timber (10-14% moisture).  The beams are manufactured from pre-treated LOSP timber which increases the durability and life of the timber to 25 years plus.  Vicbeam recommends a maintenance program to ensure the timber beams are well protected with coating systems which improves the life of the structure.
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