Essendon Fields Hyatt Place Hotel

Nothing beats the warmth and texture of timber to welcome patrons to a well-appointed Hotel close to the Airport and other attractions.

The architect has created a strong first impression upon entering the Hyatt Place Restaurant & Bar.

The entrance is designed in Spotted Gum glue laminated timber to create a warm and inviting sequential entry way.  The Spotted Gum uses reclaimed timbers to provide a stunning array of hues and patterns drawing your attention to two large entry doors.   The sense of arrival is important and first impressions is critical for a venue offering hospitality and fine dining.

It was important to seal the mitre connection against the ingress of water, so a rebate was made around the connection and sealed with HB Fuller caulking, colour matched to spotted gum.  This ensured the end grain timber is protected from unnecessary checking.

The timbers were coated in Cutek Oil to provide additional protection against the elements.

This is another impressive example of Glulam.

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