GL18 Mixed Species Hardwood Glulam

Strong and dense with diverse and rich colouring

GL18 is a mixed species combination made from three locally sourced sustainable hardwood timbers. We use Silvertop Ash, Grey Gum and Messmate for environmental durability and aesthetic effect.

The timbers combine to produce a feature rich display of classic Australian Hardwoods. The colour of these beams incorporates the reddish brown hue of Grey Gum, the light yellows and browns of Messmate and occasional pinkish tone of Silvertop Ash in randomly displayed variation.

The combined average hardness and density of these species produce a very strong glulam beam for structural or decorative purposes.

Vicbeam’s GL18 Mixed Species Glulam beams have natural durability Class 2 and achieve the BAL29 rating suitable for all AS3959 required applications.

Subject to availability – minimum orders apply. Call us today for more information on 1300 788 705

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