GL13 Radiata Pine Glulam

For ease of use and consistent colour with sound structural properties.

Radiata Pine is a plantation softwood timber grown widely throughout Australia. It is a versatile timber used for a wide range of structural and decorative applications including glue-laminated beams or Glulam.

Radiata is relatively low in density and fairly soft, making for an easy timber to fix and work with standard tools. The heartwood is light brown to yellow; the sapwood white to pale yellow, but often indistinct, resulting in a wide variety of uses.

The grain is usually straight and knots in source material are fairly common. The result is a glulam beam with a consistent aesthetic appearance and sound structural properties.




Radiata Pines open grain structure readily accepts preservative treatment. Vicbeams Treated Radiata Pine glulam beams are made from material that has been pre-treated ensuring full compliance with AS1604.5.2010.

We are proud of the aesthetic quality of our GL13 Radiata Pine glulam beams. Each beam is carefully chamfered prior to wrapping and dispatch.

For more information regarding Glue laminated beams in external situations, please download this link –  GLTAA DATA SHEET 2

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