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Garage Bolted Trusses

Vicbeam design and construct

Vicbeam were contracted to design and construct a bolted truss roof comprising of two king post trusses, a truncated truss and a ridge beam with supporting rafters.

It was requested that the steel plates be rusted. Using corten steel and a special liquid formula, we sped up the rusting process over 5 days to achieve the desired look.

It is not often that Vicbeam do installations but this was an exception.


Truss Specifications:

Glulam: GL18S Vic Ash

Truss Span: 7.2m

Garage length: 8.0m

Top & Bottom Chord: 200 x 80 GL18S

Webs & Post: 200 x 80 GL18S

Hip Beams: 200 x 80 GL18S

Ridge Beam: 200 x 80 GL18S

Rafters: 200 x 80 GL18S

Coating: Cutek Extreme – Walnut Tint

Installation time: 8 hours

Project Information

We Worked With

Engineer: Tim Gibney and associates

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Port Fairy Waterfront Development

Curved Architectural Bolted Trusses

In the idyllic seaside town of Port Fairy their local wharf has been transformed with a new single story building which incorporates a restaurant, cafe, and fish and chip shop.

Baade Harbour Australia (BHA) Architects choose the feature rich White Cypress Glulam for the 13 bolted king trusses which utilizes a unique curved bottom chord.

Truss Specifications:

Truss Length: 11.4 meters

Bottom Chord: 210 x 110 GL10

Top Chord: 210 x 110 GL10

Posts: 210 x 42 (doubled)

Coating: Dulux Intergrain

Project Information

We Worked With

Architect: Baade Harbour Australia

Engineer: The CSE Group

Builder: Fairbrother

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Port Fairy
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Farina Restoration

Solid Timber Trusses using recycled timber

The historic township of Farina, located 620 Kilometres north of Adelaide, was a vital part in the development and support of Australia’s early inland population and agricultural growth. Abandoned in the 1960’s, Farina is now being restored by a volunteer group (The Farina Restoration Group Inc. see facebook ).

In 2009 a group of Caravanners and Campers, led by Tom Harding, a Caravan Industry Australia veteran inspired industry and touring members to join him on a pilot exercise to re-establish physical and historical evidence of Farina.

Five successful annual work programs later, involving a total of 150 Caravan and Camper volunteers from all Australian States, involving 20,000 volunteer hours, $150,000 in personal donations, grants and very significant in kind support, enabled them to achieve significant outcomes.

Farina is representative of many lost townships and their history in inland Australia.

Vicbeam is pleased to support this initiate in supplying engineered solid hardwood bolted trusses for the new museum and bakery.


Truss Specifications:

Top & Bottom Chords:            200 x 50 Solid Red Ironbark

Webs:                                      100 x 50 Solid Red Ironbark

Hip, Jack & Creeper trusses made from the same materials.

Lintels:                                     387 x 85 GL13

Steel Fixings:                           Powder Coated Matt Black

M12 Coach Screws & Bolts

Spax Screws

Engineering:                           Tim Gibney & Associates

Onsite Supervisor:                 Andrew Wallace (Commercial Builder) from Vicbeam donated his time to assist with installation of trusses.

Project Information

We Worked With

Client: Farina Restoration Group

Engineer: Tim Gibney Associates

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St. Josephs Church – Collingwood

5 x 17m Warren Truss

Collingwood’s St Joseph Church was gutted by fire in 2007 but fortunately the Church was fully insured for heritage replacement, up to 3 million dollars.

The Church was built in 1861, or thereabouts, and seen a number of renovations and additions over the years.

CCB Envico approached Vicbeam to consider a design and construct proposal to fabricate five large span Warren Trusses to support a new steel roof.

The trusses were installed in February 2017

Truss length:   17.240 Meters

Truss Height:   2.315 Meters

Truss weight:    2.5 Tonne

Truss members:  260 x 85 Vic Ash (doubled chords, webs with internal plates)

Steel:  12mm plate powder coated matt black

Coating:  Dulux Intergrain Ultraclear

Project duration: 6 months from initial enquiry to installation of trusses.

Project Information

We Worked With

Builder: CCB Envico

Architect: Andronas Conservation Architecture

Engineer: Bonacci

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Essendon Fields Hyatt Place Hotel

Nothing beats the warmth and texture of timber to welcome patrons to a well-appointed Hotel close to the Airport and other attractions.

The architect has created a strong first impression upon entering the Hyatt Place Restaurant & Bar.

The entrance is designed in Spotted Gum glue laminated timber to create a warm and inviting sequential entry way.  The Spotted Gum uses reclaimed timbers to provide a stunning array of hues and patterns drawing your attention to two large entry doors.   The sense of arrival is important and first impressions is critical for a venue offering hospitality and fine dining.

It was important to seal the mitre connection against the ingress of water, so a rebate was made around the connection and sealed with HB Fuller caulking, colour matched to spotted gum.  This ensured the end grain timber is protected from unnecessary checking.

The timbers were coated in Cutek Oil to provide additional protection against the elements.

This is another impressive example of Glulam.

Project Information

We Worked With

Builder: Exar Pty Ltd

Architect: Bruce Henderson Architects

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Essendon Fields
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