We pride ourselves in supplying installation ready products – fully fabricated with coatings applied.

We see our service as going above and beyond providing glulam beams. Builders, architects and engineers call on us to be an essential part of the process, which simplifies on site construction.

How we work

Vicbeam is able to provide a complete end to end service for any project. We collaborate, assess and advise on timber species, timber to steel connections, maintenance of the connections and weathering over time, always assuring appropriate fit for use.

Our in house draftsman works to generate workshop drawings for fabricating beams including steel cleats, plates or pre-drilling, many variables as needed.

We can recommend changes to enhance the project for the engineer and the end use where appropriate.

These services work to a thorough professional finish which results in higher satisfaction levels for all parties.

The process

  • We review construction plans
  • We provide expertise on the best way to complete the project often saving time and money
  • We provide alterations for materials, finishes, fixings and connections
  • We can assist in the design of workshop drawings and offer certified engineering
  • We manufacture glue laminated timber beams
  • We fabricate and finish the product to a high quality standard
  • Once on site, the product arrives protected, wrapped, ready to install
  • You install ready finished, precision made beams

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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