Vicbeam can curve glue-laminated timber to suit almost any radius. These can be utilised in a diverse range of ways, from external fasciae to engineered curved structural members.

An external facia can be extremely pleasing when created with a natural looking timber curve, giving the kind of grace of ‘ribs’ like in the bones of a ship or the curve of a medieval hall.

In order to achieve a tight radius, the lamination size has to decrease. This means for a 1.5m radius the laminations would have to be 10mm compared to the 10m radius, the laminations would be around 25mm.

Vicbeam has been involved in some amazing curved glulam projects, such as the innovative Corporate Slide (here), the amazing Ark (here) and the wonderful façade currently acting as both the aesthetic ribs and the roof of a pergola at the St Kilda Townhouse (here).

Vicbeam is becoming known as the unique Australian solution to engineers and architects seeking to bend the boundaries of curved glulam. Other companies have turned some of the above projects down because they wouldn’t take the original job without modification.

Our culture of innovation, integrity and consistent delivery means that Vicbeam went the extra mile on these projects, modifying the press, reconfiguring our work shop floor to create the exact solution the architect and designer imagined for their client.

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