St Kilda Townhouse

Curved facade and pergola

This townhouse is nothing but extraordinary!

Thinking outside the box and bespoke work excites and delights us. Creating the aesthetic look of glulam combined with a functional pergola for the client is really interesting and innovative and it is our joy to be part of this kind of project.

The curved glulam facade is the magnificent centrepiece of this building. 10 fins span two stories starting at street level and arching up, for a 9.6-meter total curved span. Facing two roads, rich dark grained fins create the stunning look and feel of the street view. The strong brown timber beams rise straight up into the air, then curve gracefully over the two-storied roof to become the pergola, a truly stunning outdoor entertaining area.

The challenge

The tighter the curve, the smaller the pieces need to be to create structural integrity. The curve is a radius of 1.5m, which required 10mm laminations. The job required us to modify our curve press as the beams needed to begin with a straight section that then led into the tight curve.

The glulam beams were slotted and drilled in the factory, ready to be assembled on site. We also provided the steel connections and fixings.

Cutek clear coating was applied prior to dispatch, the result being a natural looking White Cypress finish. Compared with painting on site, which would require scaffolding, road closures and several days of work, we have provided a ready to use solution that requires only a couple of days from delivery to completion on site.

When completed, polycarbonate roofing will sit atop the ribs creating an airy natural feeling outdoor pergola. From the street you’ll see a stunning natural looking modern façade.

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