Penrith Baptist Church

Architectural Glulam trusses converge to central point of Church hall

Penrith (NSW) Baptist Church and Ministry Centre 2014

The architect, Esteban Olmos from MSK sought to design an environment that the Parish could use all year around without the need for costly air-conditioning. We also collaborated closely with the builder the Co-Wyn Building Group to ensure the project went without a hitch.

From its clever louvre window system (safetyline jalousie) to its high ceilings, which boast exposed, bolted timber laminated roof trusses, this cool space is very appealing and comfortable.

Originally the bolted trusses were designed in Radiata Pine as a cost effective solution, however we felt the space required the warmer hues of Victorian Hardwood (Vic Ash).

This project required full technical drawings and our fabrication service, which meant the client received the laminated bolted trusses complete and ready to install (fully coated).

Co-Wyn Building Group, in collaboration with the engineer and our drafting team ensured that the heights and levels of ground, columns and trusses were absolutely precise prior to manufacture. Together  we were able to identify and work through critical issues which resulted in a seamless and satisfying solution for all parties.

As you can see the Glulam bolted trusses provide a strong visual impact converging to a central point of the room – the stage.

Neil (Pastor) was delighted in the idea of hardwood trusses and today considers the meeting hall his favourite space in the church.

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