OLA Catholic Primary School

“Out with the concrete wall and in with a new Timber Curtain Wall System using RAICO THERM+ fittings and Glulam!”

The ‘Our Lady of Assumption’ (OLA) Catholic primary school in North Strathfield was seeking a way to bring the outside in, and thanks to Knut Menden from BVN architecture and his knowledge of Passivhaus ideologies, the schools design brief has been fully realised.  The Primary School felt it important to encourage the children to venture outside to enjoy the fresh air and those planned activities awaiting them – being able to see them was a good start.

A combination of glulam timbers were used in this project. The doors and windows are Laminated European Spruce and the transoms and mullions are Laminated Victorian Ash.   We were rather impressed how well these different timbers complimented each other (could you tell?).  They were coated with OSMO 420 Wax Oil.  Being a natural oil based and microporous finish, it does not crack, flake, peel or blister and resists water and dirt making it suitable for timber curtain walls, both for internal and external applications.

To our delight we have since been informed the primary school will be installing a further three timber curtain walls at their primary school.

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