Jimmy Grants


Upon entering Jimmy’s, you immediately feel your eyes lift into a maze of glulam beams.  It truly is Jimmy’s shed.  The glue laminated nail plated timber trusses frame the ceiling void with a roof cavity filled with zincalume ducting, a canoe and lighting rigs.  The polycarb sheeting allows plenty of light to fill the space.

Conventionally GL13 Radiata Pine Glulam is a structural member used to carry loads such as flooring and roofing, however Technē have taken glulam a step further by creating lamp holders, benchtops, cabinetry, shelving, exposed wall studs, lighting rigs, even the seats are made from laminated timber!

The trusses were used to create high ceilings as well as giving the space a shed like feel which can be seen from the street through the higher level glazing.  At night the space lights up with diffused light pouring through the polycarb which makes the space appear to glow.

We can recommend the lamb souvalaki!

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