Bunurong Memorial Park

A unique place to reflect and remember

Aspect Studios & BVN worked together to design and redevelop the unique 101-hectare memorial park.  It’s an ­innovative, state-of-the-art cemetery which caters for all the different ethnic communities that make up the surrounding population of the broader Dandenong area.

Peter Richards (BVN) and his team were keen to specify Australian materials, plant species and timbers throughout the complex, there are distinctive native plants combined with rusted steel walls, earth paths and raised walkways alongside the lake.

Laros in conjunction with Western Commercial Windows (WCW) was contracted to engineer, supply and install the timber curtain walls used throughout the chapels and function rooms.

All three chapels were given thermally broken & insulated timber curtain wall systems.  When viewed from the exterior the façade is emphasized by the reddish hues of Queensland mixed forest species (glulam mullions).  From the interior the timber mullions characterise the type of warmth one would expect to see in a modern chapel; there is an atmospheric warmth about wood and when combined with aluminium and glass you have an optimal glazing system unit.

While the timber mullions and transoms can be laminated out of any timber species and engineered to predetermined structural specifications, on this occasion the architect chose a timber which provided a ‘reverential’ background to the surrounding landscaped gardens.

Here are some of the key features of timber curtain walls systems:

  • Timber curtain walls are a great alternative to standard aluminium curtain wall systems.
  • Engineered structural wood mullions can be used both internally and externally for a durable low-maintenance option in place of commonly used aluminium.
  • Typically used in high-end bespoke residential, boutique retail and hospitality projects
  • Almost unlimited configurations with multiple glazing, mullion species and cap options
  • Various installation options allow for curtain walls to span multiple stories and incorporate into any building system
  • A turn-key, tested solution: all systems can be sold with third-party engineering and installation to ensure proper performance

Vicbeam’s timber curtain wall systems are ideal in both commercial and residential applications, bringing stunning appeal and performance to any structure.  Our timber curtain walls can be custom designed and fabricated to meet the requirements for your project.

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