Bolted Scissor Trusses

Exposed architectural trusses

Exposed bolted trusses assure any house or commercial structure a point of architectural focus which meets traditional or contemporary themes.

Scissor trusses are commonly used to create the look of a vaulted ceiling, ideal for structures with high roof pitches.

There are various configurations to a scissor truss but in its pure form it is characterized by the crossing of two bottom chords, forming an X.

Through a collaboration process Vicbeam designed this modified scissor truss to meet the homes structural and aesthetic requirements.

Vic Ash timber was specified, though various timbers and sizes can be used to create large open span areas.


Truss Specifications:


Bottom Chord: 180 x 85 GL18S

Top Chord: 180 x 85 GL18S

Post & Web: 180 x 85 GL18S

Span: 13.40 meters

No of trusses: 3

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Builder: Rydall Constructions

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