Frankston Yacht Club

We had a client visit to make earlier this year, and along the way we called in to the Frankston Yacht Club which is due for completion around the middle of the year (2016). The facility will offer the local community and visitors a 164 seat restaurant, 104 seat café, public toilets, community space, function room, safety look out and Yacht Club facilities.

artist impression

We were amazed at the timber that is being highlighted by the project. The building is clad in beautiful white cypress that looks very rugged but sharp at the same time.


The shape of the building is obviously shaped after a cruise liner and we couldn’t help being drawn to look at the upper deck of the building that looks like the bridge of a ship. The captain’s outlook to the bay must be spectacular.


On the lower deck, we were able to see the Glulam beams that we supplied for the project. The GL18 Vic Ash laminated beams have been cut to a taper and then they have been whitewashed. They have come up a treat.

We look forward to seeing the project complete and being able to walk up close to the project and getting a coffee from the cafe. It will be a great place for the community to gather and the benefits will be ongoing for a long time.




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